Every customer who comes into A Goodnight Sleepstore has some idea as to the new-bed budget they’re working with. We applaud them for planning the boundaries of their sleep-space selection spectrum. There are, however, less obvious financial and practical possibilities to take into account. I recently witnessed a friend recounting the reasons her bed was dictating her apartment decisions, and we don’t want anyone to end up in that position. We invite you to gaze into your future and envision any considerations your future self might need to entertain, but that your current self doesn’t have to worry about yet.

When you’re moving to a new apartment…

When it comes to moving to a new home in the same city, you’ll probably have a good grasp of the rental market and its implications. Still, it’s important to consider how your bed is going to get from one bedroom to another. If you plan to apartment-hop for the next few years, you might want to hold off on that California King. If it’s a must-have, then it would be practical to start budgeting the cost of future movers and a moving van or truck. When the time comes to hire, look for someone with piano moving experience. They can be particularly creative in their spatial solutions. By getting the best possible price on a mattress at A Goodnight Sleepstore, you’ll be able to sock away some savings in case your future moving day turns out to be a rainy one.

When you’re moving to a new city…

Moving to a new city is a big deal. Many a med-school match has been flummoxed by the idea of moving a super-huge bed to a super-expensive city. If you’re buying a bed in anticipation of a big move, consider finding your apartment first. Then you can determine exactly what size bed works best with your bedroom and whether you’ll be dealing with an elevator or a walk-up. Since the cost of living can vary dramatically from state to state and city to city, the last thing you want is a bed that takes up the entirety of the largest apartment you can afford. Grad students and medical residents are among those for whom these sorts of future living situations will be particularly important to consider.

Questions to ask before you move (or buy a new mattress):

  • Is your car big enough to handle the mattress? How about the base of the bed?
  • Will friends or neighbors help you move?
  • Is hiring professional movers an option?
  • Are you okay with renting a truck or moving van?
  • Does the apartment building have an elevator?
  • How many flights of stairs will the bed have to go up?
  • Are the doorways standard size?
  • Is there a room the bed will make sense in?
  • Will you need a storage unit?

Choose your bed carefully!

We talk a lot around here about finding the right mattress for comfort, support, and restorative sleep, and we definitely don’t want you choosing your bed based only on relocation logistics. Hopefully, these questions will help you envision your bed needs well into the future so that you can steer clear of sticky situations down the line. Now that you know everything there is to consider, get down to A Goodnight Sleepstore and let our sleep experts help you find your best night’s sleep!

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