When was the last time your company set up a morale-boosting team-building event that actually made the record books? That’s exactly what La Quinta Hotels achieved when it arranged for one representative from each of its 850 hotels to convene in New Orleans in 2012.

We wish we’d thought of it!

Much to our dismay, A Goodnight Sleepstore didn’t dream up the plan to stand up and push over nearly 1,000 mattresses in pursuit of a bona fide world record. La Quinta set it all up and knocked over all other attempts at the world’s largest human dominoes. In recent years, competition for human-mattress-domino dominance has become fierce. Viral videos have consistently emerged, each displaying an attempt to dethrone the record held by the previous world leader in human mattress domino displays of grandeur. Before La Quinta’s epic display of domino effect, the record was held by a 550-person topple in Belgium.

No mattresses were harmed in the making of this video.

Internet trolls speculated that someone within the hotel chain purchased all the mattresses for the stunt, but the real story is much better. Simmons Bedding Company donated all of the brand-new mattresses for the occasion. Once the last domino had fallen and the new record officially confirmed by Guinness World Records, all of the mattresses were donated to New Orleans area charities. During the formal announcement, the La Quinta employees likely came close to another world record for most adults jumping on beds in a warehouse.

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