What’s nesting all about?

Chimpanzees and gorillas build fresh nests daily out of leaves and other vegetation. They use their nesting time to nap, to eat, and to get a little relief from the hard, wet ground. Jane Goodall described with reverence the care that the Chimpanzee took each night in constructing his or her nest. Reptiles and birds do it to protect and warm their eggs. Ants and Mole Rats build vast networks of nests and tunnels, burrowing to house their huge families comfortably. These creature-crafted systems create community and facilitate bonding.

We nest in order to feel closer with our families, to enrich our time together, and to keep warm. Though our need to nest hasn’t changed throughout history, its expression has evolved a bit.

It all comes down to a great surface.

Over the years, we’ve developed a more stationary existence, so mankind needs a nest that lasts. Technology has introduced ever-increasing comfort to our lives since the first mattresses made from branches, grasses, and skins. Today our bedding makes use of resilient springs, soft textiles, heat-controlling materials, and even gel memory foam. Some families bond on a big mattress where the whole family can snuggle under the covers and watch a favorite television show. Extra pillows can inspire fort building or an impromptu pillow fight. At the end of the day, what makes your bed perfect is making sure it’s perfect for you.

A Safe Place to Nest

When you think about all the things you want in a bed, it’s likely that your nesty nature is undeniable. Your bed is where you lay your head, it’s where you greet each new day, and it’s where you spend a third of all your time. When you’re ready to outfit your sleep space anew, make sure you talk to the experts at A Goodnight Sleepstore. Especially if you have to share your nest with someone else, we can help you find the soft surface where you’ll sleep soundly and wake refreshed.

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