It’s official. Controversy or not, sharing-economy companies like AirBNB and VRBO are helping real people make some serious cash. The benefits are clear for guests and hosts alike, and traditional lodging providers will have to up their game to stay competitive. With the space getting more crowded as space-sharing goes mainstream, guests have more diverse overnight options every day.

The game is about to change.

Once supply starts exceeding demand, it’ll be a buyer’s market, and competing on price and location will likely become pretty difficult. To rise effortlessly above the fray, we propose a dark horse of a differentiator. If you’ll just humor us for a few minutes, we’ll tell you exactly how buying an organic mattress could be the key to attracting discerning guests, no matter how many apartment units on your street switch to day-long leases.

Name your niche and power up!

We can’t think of another upgrade that could singlehandedly elevate your AirBNB offering like an organic latex mattress. The promise of reliably allergy, mold, and creepy-crawly free accommodations will make your listing skyrocket into the minds of discerning potential guests. You’ll be able to compete with diverse nearby options, regardless of the size, location, and price of your rental unit.

Have you been thinking organic mattresses were ridiculous?

It’s time for you to catch up with the times. It sounds totally crunchy-granola, but organic mattresses emerged from genuine demand in the market. If you’re new to giving the idea a second thought, here are the important things. Lots of traditional mattresses have chemicals in them to make them flame-resistant. In recent years, suspicion and public concern over these chemicals has grown. Lots of people don’t want them in their homes. And that’s just the beginning.

Just a mattress, minus all the bad things

New organic mattress options also address one of the major economic issues of our time – sustainability. Organic latex mattresses come from renewable natural resources that won’t be depleted. Using the protective natural defenses of the rubber tree, organic latex is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and moisture resistant. That means it resists all the things that are gross about bed-sharing, and dust mites hate it. To top it all off, our organic latex mattresses are priced similarly to our traditional mattresses, so you won’t even incur extra cost.

Can you say repeat business?

It’s clear from decades of low-standard hotels and Dateline investigations that mainstream America can deal with a few bedbugs, dust mites, and questionable cleaning practices. Fortunately, those people have a million options, and they’re not worth fighting over. When you’re offering the least-gross AirBNB option out there, your guests will seek you out. You can charge higher prices, and you’re more likely to attract loyalty thanks to your newfound, innovative, ingenious innovation. Now all you have to do is find the best place to buy an organic mattress.

Visit one of our mattress discount stores in the Carolinas or chat with us online. We ship most mattresses for free throughout the US!

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