Mattress as Muse

Mattresses can conjure a few sweet memories from childhood. Bedtime stories. Night lights. Bouncing. German artist Amine Nasseri must have particularly fond memories of that last one. In “Gravity”, several adults propel themselves skyward from mattresses to create beautiful images of sleepiness suspended in midair. In the photos, the mattress isn’t beautiful – but what it makes possible is. As kids we know that mattresses can bounce us into a fantasy land. “Gravity” reminds adults that our dreams are just a sleep away.

Mattress as Museum

If you like your mattress musings to be even more right-brained, consider Pittsburgh’s Mattress Factory museum. This place used to be an actual Stearns & Foster mattress warehouse. Now the expansive space is a contemporary art museum full of room-sized art exhibits that you can literally get into. With its perception-altering installations, the Mattress Factory will give you a waking glimpse of the stuff dreams are made of.

Mattress as Medium

Maybe it’s because they spend their lives unseen that so many mattresses are incorporated into street art. Or maybe it’s just because people don’t know what to do with them, so they just leave them outside. Regardless, discarded mattresses have been used brilliantly in advertising for a bank and in a London Olympics work by Banksy, while the Bank of Sonia and Mike made a social statement in the UK.

But at the end of the day, do you think it really mattress?

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